Of mutual benefit. That simple idea underpins everything we do when we work with business, industry, international and community partners. What makes a world-leading university of technology is the quality of our advice, our willingness to learn alongside our partners and an ability to make things happen.

Learn about the opportunities UTS offers for business, industry and communities to collaborate and form partnerships with us, recruit our students, develop staff through our professional programs and contribute to communities locally and globally.

Through collaborative research and partnership programs, together we can apply in depth knowledge to improve your business or community - at local, national or global scales.

We can provide access to our research and technical facilities, expert opinion on a range of matters, and insightful consulting services for more immediate problem-solving.

UTS students are some of the most skilled and talented in the country. Eager to make a difference, they offer fresh perspectives, versatile skills and industry know-how.

UTS offers public short courses and customised in-house training to suit the needs of diverse organisations and professionals.

Industry events

UTS: Engage showcases research collaborations between leading UTS academics and their industry partners.

Zunz lecture series explores broad community issues relating to engineering and IT.

Support UTS

UTS's vision is to be a world-leading university of technology. We are committed to generating opportunities that ensure this knowledge and learning extends throughout local and international communities. Find out how you can contribute to realising this vision.